Update to Classroom Pets (part one)

At the end of the school year, I was not sure what to do with my moth eggs.  None of them had hatched yet.  I was pretty sure I didn’t want to take them home, since the idea of having stinging caterpillars crawling all over my patio sounded like a bad idea.  I thought about propping the door of the habitat open and setting it underneath one of the trees outside my classroom.  However, I figured when the mowing crew came through, that would be the end of both the habitat AND any residents.  Instead, I carefully picked all the moth eggs out of the habitat and set them at the base of a tree along the back fence at school.  If nothing else, I will be increasing the local population of Automeris io lilith.

The pillbugs came home with me.  Right now, the tank is sitting on my patio, awaiting transfer to a new habitat.  I need to transfer them because apparently the ants and cockroaches in my classroom (EWWWWWWW!) decided that they would like to share the tank with the pillbugs.  Transferring the pillbugs means I have to make a new habitat in a clean tank, then individually pick out the pillbugs and put them in the new tank.  Fun times.


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